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Glasgow is a Happening Place!
I come from a big town. I am not a country girl. I was born in Denver and grew up in Orange County, CA. I am used to big cities where there is a lot to do. So, you can imagine my surprise when I moved to Glasgow, Kentucky! I am still not used to businesses closing down at 4:30, but there IS a lot to do in this little town!
Why just last night I participated in the local Green Street Haunted House, put on by the Lessenberry's. I was made up as a patient about to get cut on, scaring about a 1000 trick-or-treaters as they went through. Then we enjoyed a wonderful spread of all types of food, including Lasagna made by Fine Arts Bistro. It was a lot of fun.
If you like Theatre, we have the historic Plaza Theatre, where you will find they have concerts all year round and plays put on by the Far Off Broadway Players four or five times a year. I have a small part in the Christmas play "It's a Wonderful Life". I am Mr. Potter's Secretary.
We also have the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center. Here you can wander through the museum, learning about Glasgow history and lifestyle. They also hold talks including "Harvest of History", which is held once a year where locals dress in period costume and recite a monolog of 5 or 6 historic figures usually held in the Fort Williams Cemetery. This is very entertaining! Just recently I went to SCKCC to hear about 7 Generals buried at the cemetery.
There are several associations working to try to bring more interest to the downtown area. Entertain Glasgow, sponsored by TJSamson Hospital, held their first annual Groove and Glow in September. This was an event celebrating the 90th anniversary of TJSamson. Over 3000 people enjoyed watching hot air balloons like up their envelopes and sample food from local food trucks at the Glasgow Municipal Airport. The Glasgow Downtown Business Association held Sip, Shop and Stroll in June and August. Businesses and Artisans had booths set up around the square offering their wares to shoppers and strollers. Restaurants on the square were open for a quick bite, and bands kept everyone entertained.
There are also so many community organizations holding events all year long. Business and Professional Women holds their Craft Fair in September, Crossroads Life Center just held their Chili Cookoff in October, The Southern Kentucky Extension Office has their Christmas Bazaar in November, The Glasgow Barren County Chamber of Commerce has events all year long with the most recently a Craft Fair in November and their annual Dinner in January. The Garden Club has been responsible for the flower baskets hanging around the square, changing out the flowers from Spring to Winter. Bridge Kentucky sponsored a movie at the theatre. Freedom Warriors holds the Vet Jam in August. And of course we have the Highland Games featuring all of the Scottish Clans and games in June. And that just names a few!
Everyone visiting Glasgow can find something to do that would interest them... Come see what a gem Glasgow is.