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Mammoth Cave
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I'm one of those people that never gets around to going to the attractions or doing the things that are right here in my backyard. For example, I lived in Denver and never went skiing . . .

Mammoth Cave National Park is no exception. I've yet to take one of the many cave tours they offer. I probably won't do the strenuous six hour tour, but I could handle the two hour tour with the other 99 people. And the good news is you can tour the cave any time of the year because the temperature in there is a constant 54ºF degrees. You will learn about the history of the cave from mining saltpeter, treating patients with tuberculosis by housing them inside the caves and all about the demise of one of the guides who got pinned by a rock and died there.

Mammoth Cave National Park also holds events, as well. Love bugs? The University of Kentucky's Entomology Department will have displays of common insects, as well as invasive insects that are of concern to Kentucky, at the Visitor Center on the afternoon of October 18 and the morning of October 19, 2019.

Looking for bats? Unfortunately, you probably will not see any bats at the cave because a virus has wiped them out. The Cave uses precautions to make sure the virus does not spread outside of the cave (and it only affects the bats).

Mammoth Cave National Park offers all of that and so much more, so don't be like me! Don't miss seeing the largest cave system in the world when you come to stay with us at the Main Street Bed & Breakfast! We are just a beautiful, scenic 30 minute drive from the Caves. CHECK AVAILABILITY and book now to explore this amazing site on your next getaway.