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Main Street Bed and Breakfast Blog 1/2020
More to Glasgow than meets the eye...

I recently went on an Economic Tour with the Leadership group of the Barren Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. I was surprised by all that I learned about Glasgow!
First, we met at SRCTC for breakfast. We learned about the efforts to bring 1g internet speeds to parts of Glasgow. This will be important for economic growth! We also had the opportunity to meet the new Barren County Economic Authority Executive Director, Maureen Carpenter. Her background in Economic Development is what Barren County needs to bring those businesses to Glasgow that will help it grow. She talked about training programs needed to train the workforce for the jobs that are available. Having the right trained workforce is one of the key elements needed to keep businesses in the area. Another thing she talked about is how important it is to present Glasgow in a positive way. Businesses looking to locate here want to hear from the local people what is special about Glasgow, not hear about any negativity that might be going on. The good news is there is a lot going on in Glasgow that is positive!
A new park with an amphitheater and farmer's pavilion is in the last stage of approval. This will bring more out-of-town people to book rooms, eat at restaurants and buy local retail.
Another stop on our tour was to the land fill and Farmer's RECC. Did you know that the land fill actually harvests the methane gas to convert it to electricity? And, one of the ways they use that power is as back-up for the water treatment plant nearby. That is some pretty forward-thinking planning! I was very impressed with all that Farmer's RECC is doing in the way of Economic Development for Glasgow.
We stopped at Span Tech and Green Mechanical to learn about their businesses and how they impact Glasgow economy.
We had lunch at the new Glasgow Water Company building. Scott Young had a very nice presentation on ways the Water Company is trying to cut costs. We also learned that Glasgow Water is some of the cleanest water in the state! They have won the AWOP designation for 13 consecutive years and the Microbial AWOP Champion Award for 2018. I feel proud to offer our water to my guests!
I am proud to live in Glasgow!